Vertical fresh tea / coffee machine




  • Features
  • Specification

Patent dual-brewing heads: dual usage with single brewing head which not only saving bar counter space but also maximize utilization value.

Patent dual-direction (left and right) handle: facilitating combined brewing head operation to reduce customer waiting time during peak period。

Patent temperature adjustment mechanism: Adjustable making temperature that present the best beverage taste.

Patent water flow adjustment mechanism: adjust water flow which makes the best extraction with tea properties.

Patent safety electronic water level display and boiler water level auto detection system: High water level and abnormal water feeding will be alarmed automatically; safety is guaranteed.

Brewing head automatic cleaning, not only convenient but practical.

The heater is designed with protection against heating without water.

Pump featured anti-idling function.

Water flow auto detection.

Extended milk foam Steam pipe which is suitable for either small or large pitchers.

Two group (1 tea + 1 coffee)

Boiler:13 Lt.


Voltage:220V or 240V 50/60 Hz

Size:35cm*53cm*67cm ‭(‬W*D*H‭)‬